Newport MIND – the undeniable therapeutic value of singing as part of a group.

In all the groups I run people tell me that the singing has a “therapeutic” knock on effect where all leave the sessions feeling uplifted emotionally and with a greater connectedness to others.

I run a regular group for Newport Mind – which over the years has turned into the Newport Mind choir/music group. All participants are from the Newport area and will have some kind of mental health issue. There is an induction with Newport Mind before joining the choir. It is an inclusive, friendly, fun and non judgmental group. We sing a wide range of songs – very similar to the other choirs I run. Some in 3 and 4 part harmony others as “sing-along” songs with the guitar. We also use African hand drums for part of the session for those who choose to play them and there is often the chance to improvise – we have even been known to compose the odd song too! Half of the group took part in the first ever Sing for Water Cardiff May 2015 which was a superb achievement and has raised around £35000 for Wateraid. There are fairly regular events that the group are invited to take part in from open evenings with the Mind cooking group to open days for Mental Health Awareness – to performances at St Woolos Cathedral. These have been great fun to do though they are never compulsory. The group are going from strength to strength and are “headlining” at the Christmas concert at St Woolos Catherdral December 2015.

Anyone who is interested can contact Newport Mind for an induction or further info  01633258741

Testimonials from the group….

“Laura gave me the chance to write a song she encouraged me to sing with the group which gave me confidence and you meet lots of good people as well community singing is well worth a try and you don,t have too be x factor material just have a heart too sing.”

John Young of Newport Mind Choir

“I attend singing courses with Laura. They are great fun & diverse in music & people. Laura is an excellent enthusiastic teacher who’s animated encouraging manner helps the choir develop confidence & skills. You never leave with a frown from her lessons. I always feel invigorated, relaxed & happy after our classes & would highly recommend her services.” 

Juliet of the Newport Mind Choir


“I have attended Laura’s singing group with MIND for about 9 months . Her method of teaching is quite unique , as I have attended other singing groups. I always feel welcomed by Laura and other singers and feel I belong to a proactive but very relaxed work group. There is never any pressure to join in or if one feels poorly, and no one is ever judged . Thank you Laura, for regaining my confidence with singing.”

Jan Kocan of Newport Mind Choir

“mind singing group is a friendly, welcoming group of men /women all with a desire to sing and have fun along the way and it keeps the spirits  up all ably supported by laura”


Christmas Concert 2015